Just leather.
Nothing else.

Livestock without suffering. Tanning without chrome. Superior leather comes by superior treatment. And a bunch of No’s:

- No chrome tanning & no chemically treated animal hides: No products containing
chromium are used, nor do our leathers come into contact with chromium-containing substances during the production process.

- No dyes containing heavy metals & no PCP: Our leather is compostable and biodegradable without residues.

- No softeners: The use of glutardialdehyde and similar aldehydes is completely avoided.

- No allergic reactions due to tanning agents containing chrome.

- No pollution of waste water by conventional tanning processes.

Natural treatment.
Natural texture.

Our leather has a noble, unmistakably natural character and feels like silk. The secret: the artisanal, vegetable tanning according to ecological principles. The open-pore leather from southern German and Polish cattle is treated exclusively with waxes and oils – but without any pollutants. This preserves the natural feel due to the open pores. And due to the high fat content, the leather is particularly water-repellent and durable, as it does not dry out and become porous.

Each leather tells
its own story.

Small irregularities in the leather, such as insect bites, thorn cracks and scars are not fails, but a sign of authenticity and quality of this special leather. This makes each bag unique and gives it an exceptional character. No piece of leather is like the other, each piece is unique, because it cannot be produced artificially. We deliberately refrain from concealing these authentic events with chemical agents or color.