Timeless bags need time. Selecting leather. Saddling bag. Becoming unique. All by hand. Discover our ANDERS principles of consistency.

The leather makes the bag.

Exclusive cowhides are purchased from all over the world and tanned and dyed by our leather tanners according to ancient traditions – of course in a sustainable and vegetable way. The processed leathers are first stored, then our leather masters make their first choice. The peculiarities of the chosen leather contribute a great part to the high value of ANDERS bags.

Every seam is made to last.

The sewing of all pocket elements is done with the so-called saddler stitch: A thread is passed through the perforation with two needles and crossed in the middle. In addition, the polyester sewing thread is pulled through beeswax and glues itself between the two pieces of leather to form an inseparable bond. Thus the leather pieces remain firmly connected for eternity.

Uniqueness you can count on.

Each ANDERS bag is stamped with a serial number. It contains the production date, the number of models produced so far and the production site. The stamped serial number is a guarantee even without an invoice. We give 10 years warranty on our stitching, the leather and fasteners.

Created for you.
Carried on by generations.