. Pouch


A leather pouch for all occasions.
31 cm wide* 22.5 cm high* 2 cm deep (13 inch format/DIN A4)

Be it for your notes, iPad, laptop or other documents, this DIN A4 format pouch enables you to quickly put all your documents together and carry them with elegance around town.
A harmony of clear lines; an elegant design made of 2 mm thick cow skin. This pouch leaves a great impression with its piece of leather and reminds us of the old padded envelope.

Old brass pushbutton switch

Do you wish for a customised pocket format?
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Success consists in preplanning!
A4 format

With our classic writing case, you do everything right at the office, or when you go on business. Success consists in preplanning. Those put such attention in their choice of the quality of their bags will be convincing at every meeting.

A bold choice made for every occasion and sewn with delicate cow skin.
The solid leather makes it a loyal companion.
This writing case collects a handful of papers, as it is conveniently equipped with magnets.

A large compartment inside on the left
Two very large spaces for your cards.




A brown unisex leather belt


This 4 mm wide leather belt adapts perfectly to jeans and adds a certain touch.


Our belts are hand sewn with 3 mm thick cow skin and are indestructible since they are combined with cast brass buckles.


Waist measurement is checked after purchase
Belt width: 4 cm


Brass buckle


  • Wallet


A wallet for men who care about quality

11 cm wide* 9.5 cm high* 2 cm deep

If you prefer a simple design that is practical and comfortable, then this wallet is for you.
A smart division with hand sewn, solid leather.

A compartment for banknotes
A compartment for coins with a pushbutton switch
5 spaces for cards

Sewn with 2 mm thick cow skin




A brown leather case for your most precious pens and pencils
31 cm wide* 22.5 cm high* 2 cm deep

Sewn with 2 mm thick cow skin

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. A laptop cover

A cover with a simple figure for laptops
31 cm wide* 22.5 cm high* 2 cm deep (13 inch format/DIN A4)

This cover is very convincing with its slim fit and its simple design.

The central separation replaces the padding and protects your computer from breaking.

Manufactured with a solid calfskin leather that is 3 mm thick…

Just tell us the dimensions or the brand of your laptop, and you will have a pouch for your laptop that fits it perfectly.